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Advances in Conformal Radiotherapy. Using Monte Carlo Code to Design New IMRT and IORT Accelerators and Interpret CT Numbers

J.-P. Koutchouk (red. nauk.)
R.S. Romaniuk (red. nauk.)
Wydawnictwo: OWPW

Vol. XVII, Editorial Series on Accelerator Science (R.S. Romaniuk, J.-P. Koutchouk - Editors) 
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Słowa kluczowe: radioterapia, radioterapia konformalna, rozwój metod radioterapeutycznych, IMRT, IORT, akceleratory terapeutyczne, akceleratory medyczne, metody Monte Carlo
Keywords: radiotherapy, conformal radiotherapy, medical radiotherapy, radiotherapeutic methods, development of radiotherapy, IMRT accelerators, IORT accelerators, medical accelerators, Monte Carlo code applications

The book presents studies the author worked on at the German National Cancer Institute (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. These studies applied the Monte Carlo technique to investigate the feasibility of performing Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) by scanning with a narrow photon beam. This approach represents an alternative to techniques that generate beam modulation by absorption, such as MLC, individually-manufactured compensators, and special tomotherapy modulators. The technical realization of this concept required investigation of the influence of various design parameters on the final small photon beam. The photon beam to be scanned should have a diameter of approximately 5 mm at Source Surface Distance (SSD) distance, and the penumbra should be as small as possible. We proposed a draft for this system based on the PRIMUS 6MV DKFZ accelerator and investigated new geometry of the source-target-collimator system. We assessed the influence of different collimator parameters, different target construction and various incident electron beam characteristics. Based on this work, it was possible to define adequate parameters for the target-collimator system and the scanning electron beam for new a IMRT system. Examples of the intensity modulated field produced by the resulting photon beam are shown.

Rok: 2013
Stron: 158
ISBN: 978-83-7814-070-2
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