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Descriptive Geometry

Wydawnictwo: OWPW
This Descriptive Geometry is addressed to foreign students at Warsaw University of Technology, especially to the first year students of Civil Engineering Faculty and Environmental Engineering Faculty. It is based on courses that the author has taught for a number of years at the school. Thus, this textbook is intended to meet the requirements of the syllabuses of these courses that contain a presentation of principal geometric methods to give a one-to-one (then reversible) representation of 3D-space in a plane. The aim of the courses has been to give a working knowledge of the engineer’s language: how to make and how to read drawings; to become familiar with presented methods and acquire the ability to specify their use with assurance as well. Skills to be achieved are: proficiency in operating 3-dimensional systems and drawing them using some advanced projection methods.
Rok: 2016
Stron: 258
ISBN: 978-83-7814-583-7
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