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Measurement-based Characterization of Multipixel Avalanche Photodiodes for Scintillating Detectors

J.-P. Koutchouk (red. nauk.)
R.S. Romaniuk (red. nauk.)
Wydawnictwo: OWPW

Vol. XIV, Editorial Series on Accelerator Science (R.S. Romaniuk, J.-P. Koutchouk - Editors) 
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Słowa kluczowe: wielopikselowe diody lawinowe, detektory scyntylacyjne, półprzewodnikowe liczniki Geigera, detektory MAPD, eksperyment T2K, neutrino, oscylacja neutrin, detektory MPPC, pomiary detektorów MPPC 

multipixel avalanche photodiodes, scintillating detectors, semiconductor Geiger counters, T2K experiment, neutrino, neutrino oscillations, MPPC detectors, MAPD detectors, measurements of MPPC detectors  

Multipixel avalanche photodiodes (MAPD) are recently gaining popularity in high energy physics experiments as an attractive replacement for photomultiplier tubes, which have been extensively used for many years as a part of various scintillating detectors. Their low price, small dimensions and another features facilitating their use (like mechanical shock resistance, magnetic field immunity or moderate supply voltage) make the MAPDs a good choice for commercial use as well, what is reflected in growing number of producers as well as MAPD models available on the market. This dissertation presents Author’s experience with MAPD measurements and modelling, gained during his work on the T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka) long-baseline neutrino experiment, carried out by an international collaboration in Japan. First, operation principle of the MAPD, definitions of various parameters and measurement methods are discussed. Then, a device for large-scale MAPD measurements and related data processing methods are described. Finally, the Author presents an attempt of analysis and interpretation of the results.

This book is a direct translation of a PhD thesis written in Polish. In comparison to the original, however, a chapter describing the current state of the neutrino science is missing. The Author decided not to place it here as it’s only a study of the literature. Moreover, some minor mistakes were corrected in the english issue.
Rok: 2012
Stron: 116
ISBN: 978-83-7814-053-5
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