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Laboratory Exercises in Environmental Biotechnology

Wydawnictwo: OWPW
The script is intended for students of environmental engineering, environmental protection and environmental biotechnology at technical colleges and universities. Topics included in the script relate to biological methods for water, wastewater and waste gas treatment, solid waste disposal and soil remediation. Particular attention was paid to: changes in the structure of microbial communities in activated sludge in relation to wastewater composition and operational parameters of the treatment process; biocoenosis of biofilms in bioreactors; enhancing soil bioremediation from petroleum products; the role of microorganisms in composting processes and metals removal from wastewater and sludges.
The above-mentioned issues have been supplemented with topics closely related to biotechnological processes, concerning: methods for testing the biodegradability of organic compounds, water and air treatment in the aspect of inactivation of microorganisms.
Methods for qualitative and quantitative research of microorganisms as well as their enzymatic activity are given. Protocols are preceded by theoretical introductions to experiments.
Rok: 2020
Stron: 150
ISBN: 978-83-8156-106-8
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