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Cena: 49.00 zł
Kierunek: Matematyka

Solved Problems in Numerical Methods for Students of Electronics and Information Technology

Wydawnictwo: OWPW

ISBN 978-83-8156-142-6 (print)

ISBN 978-83-8156-161-7 (online)
This book is available as e-book

A collection of solved problems in numerical methods, presented in this textbook, is the result of the authors' experience of teaching the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at Warsaw University of Technology in the period 1985–2020, and in particular – the students following the English-medium programmes of study offered there during last 25 years. It is assumed to be a complementary teaching material with respect to the lecture notes, distributed among the students at the beginning of each semester. It may be useful for students attending any engineering-oriented course of numerical methods.

Rok: 2021
Format: A4
Stron: 208
ISBN: 978-83-8156-142-6
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