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Kierunek: Transport
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Hazards in the Railroad Structure

Wydawnictwo: Inne wydawnictwa
Published by Railway Research Institute (Instytut Kolejnictwa)
Monograph written by Prof. Henryk Bałuch, a long-time employee of the Railway Research Institute who died last year. It is an English translation of the last monograph by Prof. Henryk Bałuch Zagrożenia w nawierzchni kolejowej. This publication concerns safety in rail transport, which is closely related to the ability to recognize risks, their assessment and the knowledge how to fight them. The great importance of these skills results from the fact that currently and probably for some time in the future it will not be possible to remove all the hazards that are noticed. Consequently, drawing attention to hazards most likely to cause accidents or significant losses is required. Considerable skills and appropriate expenditure are necessary for the construction and maintenance of railways. Failure to meet these two elementary conditions leads to risks and a reduction in safety. It is a very important publication as the threats on European railways result in several hundred freight trained rail ments per year, with average losses of approximately EUR 1 million per derailment. 33% of these derailments are caused by the poor condition of railway tracks.
Wydanie: 1, 2020
Format: B5
Oprawa: twarda
Stron: 286
ISBN: 978-83-943246-3-6
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