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Solutions for Modern Society of the Future. The New European Bauhaus Manual

Wydawnictwo: OWPW

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Michał Beim, Dorota Chwieduk, Katarzyna Górniak, Agnieszka Kaliszuk-Wietecka, Piotr Narloch, Kinga Pawłowska, Robert Rybski, Karolina Tulkowska-Słyk, Tomasz Tyc, Anna Agata Wagner, Monika Wróbel, Robert Zajdler

ISBN 978-83-8156-494-6 (print)


ISBN 978-83-8156-495-3 (online)
This publication brings together the experiences of academics and practitioners who are concerned with issues related to sustainable development in various social and economic areas. In 11 chapters they discuss how the objectives of the New European Bauhaus could be implemented from both theoretical and practical point of view in everyday social and economic life. In keeping with the historical Bauhaus trends, each chapter goes beyond the boundaries of one field of knowledge and explores what relevance the New European Bauhaus has for the matter at hand. The book is intended to serve not only as a collection of knowledge and experience, but also as an academic textbook, providing an interdisciplinary view on individual problems and issues.
Structure, and the selected topics of this handbook, offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary view of the key areas in which the New European Bauhaus can have an impact. Each chapter is both an element of the publication as a whole, as well as a self-contained module that allows for an in-depth analysis of a given issue. In addition, each chapter contains an extensive international bibliography for further independent reading and analysis. It also identifies key issues that will require further work and study. I hope that reading this publication will serve as both an introduction to and stimulus for further independent studies of the subject matters discussed herein.

Wydanie: 1, 2023
Format: 205 x 280 mm
Stron: 254
ISBN: 978-83-8156-494-6
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